Increase your tenants or residents satisfaction

Easy to adopt, user-friendly at every level. Our survey system is the simplest way to measure your tenants satisfaction.

Trusted by leading Property Managers

"The impact of the customer satisfaction program is going well beyond our expectations. We receive valuable and actionable feedback on a regular basis, which allows us to take the pulse of our clients. It has directly been impacting our service delivery, our online reputation, our existing customers churn and attracting customers."
Vincent Pineau
Property Manager

How does it work?


Automated Regular Surveys

Keep your tenants engaged and nurture a valuable relationship. 
Create advocates.

Global company dashboard

Have a general & unified view of your tenants satisfaction.
Easily measure and analyze your progress.

Internal staff support and ranking

Analyzed data with the opportunity to reply to your tenants’ feedbacks.
Make better and faster decisions.